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In recent decades, the way people handle the questions of professional development has been changed completely. Traditionally, the interests of an organization came first. In order to achieve the company’s long-term objectives, they have to make sure that personnel have all the necessary skills to support the company’s growth. Nowadays, employees want businesses to support their career development and view it as a partnership between a company and its workforce. It is undeniably a key component of a company’s attraction and retention strategy.

CareerMaps digital platform helps businesses benefit from a more motivated and knowledgeable staff by providing an innovative tool that gives employees training, career goal planning, and empowering features assisting businesses to motivate a workforce to thrive.


We create an adaptive solution for the workforce represented by a professional development platform that combines onboarding, learning management, career development tools, career-pathing and performance management. We are Canadian-based ethical career management solution.


CareerMaps is a cloud-based digital platform with mobile interface access points and versatile capabilities that assists organizations while supporting their employees with their professional development and career journeys. We provide solutions for various business sizes and industries.


Our management team has excellent experience in administration and business development as well as in IT and engineering. Our vision is to create a competitive digital HR platform that improves the workplace, motivates employees and helps them thrive while achieving their personal goals and company’ objectives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a meaningful, comfortable and goal-oriented work environment for employees, facilitate their career development and build strong workplace relationships.